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1955 - 1957

Royal Lincolnshire Regiment, Sobraon barracks, Lincoln,
home to the 3rd Training Regiment Royal Signals 1956.......

Sobraon barrcks LincolnSobraon Barrack Lincoln 1957

Burton rd Lincoln in the late 1950s

And 2015
Burton rd 2015


Sobraon Barrack Lincoln Sobraon Barrack Lincoln

Sobraon Barrack Lincoln Sobraon Barrack Lincoln
Looking down the drive towards the Royal Lincs Regt main gate.
Spiders are on the left.
Photo by Allan johnson.
Looking up the drive from the entrance, towards what was to become the Officers Mess but in 1956/7 was temporary billets for ORs' This is the same drive as depicted on the Lincoln page (link) & the drive in the top photograph. Photo by Allan Johnson

Sobraon Barrack Lincoln
Sobraon Barrack Lincoln  The Naafi shop
This was the entrance to the Royal Signals barracks in Burton Rd and also the approximate location of the Guard Room marked X. But now just one big housing estate
Photo by Allan Johnson.
The Naffi Shop was past the RS guardroom, then through
the hole in the brick wall going into Lincolns lines . Naffi for the Signals was on the road bearing left past the armoury, barbers shop was on the left, Naafi club was opposite more or less. A single story building past there on the left was the Osbourne troop spiders. Photo by Allan Johnson.

Even these photographs above are probably now out of date as the housing estate and playing fields have enroached on the old camp

use Google Earth (Sobraon barracks Lincoln) for a more recent update of the area.

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