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Does anyone rememeber #22651622 Sgmn Dennis Smith April 1952 - April 1954 ?
Born in Bradford in 1932
April 1952 Catterick camp 7TR
August 1952 Catterick Camp 3TR and Gallaway Hill

October 1952 Classified OWL
October 8th 1952,posted to 1 Sqn Depot Regiment
October 27 1952 embarked UK for BAOR (DGLFM) Minden?
then 6 ARMD Div Regt for two years.
April 1954 posted to 49 ARMD Div Signal Regt TA to September 1955
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Pos Office Telephones engineering course in Penarth about 1954/55
Post Office Telephones Engineering course Penarth 1954/55

Most would have been conscripted into the armed forces about the same time.

Don Brooks-Swansea. Roy Taylor-Old Colwyn. Ray Teasdale-Old Colwyn. Arthur Jones-Llandrindod Wells. (Royal Signals)
Brian Hart-Chester. Dave Jones-Old Colwyn. N.Roberts-?. F.Price-?. Gordon Norgrove-Hereford (Royal Signals). Roy Morris-Swansea.
Ken Barton-Chester. Ken Oakley-Dyserth. Ron Hughes-? Tony Bradfield-Colwyn Bay. John Griffiths-Haverfordwest.(Royal Signals)

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L/Cpl Roy Phillips (click here for photo) #2309777
Catterick then Egypt 1955/56
(Originally from London)

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David Dickin


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David Bryn Jones
1 Royal Signals Regiment about 1960/61

1960.07.01 Germany: Caithness Barracks, Verden: HQ 5 Division at Verden was retitled
HQ 1 Division and 5 Signal Regiment became 1 Signal Regiment .

1 Div soccer team Verden 1960/61

David Bryn Jones was a keen footballer and played in the Regiment’s 1st Team (he’s also an ex-Derby County player).
He spent some of his time during National Service at Verden an der Aller where he also played for the local team.

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#23457869 William(Bill) Gristwood

Royal Signals 1955 -1957

William (Bill) Gristwood
7TR 1 troop then 2TR (Linesman) then Tidworth (?Bulford)
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Bob Styles
All unknown




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Paul Pickering
Paul Pickering

Nothing known except that he was conscripted into
7TR 3 Troop Baghdad lines in October 1955 and served in 12 Wireless Squadron (BFPO 37) between 1956 - 1957
(see troop gallery #66 )
See Paul's personal page

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Tommy Brand from Glasgow
Served in Catterick Camp and Loughborough about 1957/1959

Tommy brand Tommy Brand

He may be in the squad photo #27 ((front row extreme left)7TR 12 Troop, October 1957

Click here for the squad photo

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Billy Naylor or Nayler

Arthur John Rogers is looking for his friend who served with him 1950/52. In Bulford, Catterick and Baden Baden

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John Randall (maybe Randle or similar)

Royal Signals (1ASSU, Lemgo, Germany)
In 1954 he was between 18 and 20 (maximum 22) years old, was with the Royal Signals, 1 ASSU in Lemgo.
He gave his birth date as 24. 04. 1935 (according to later memory of an aunt, but this may be wrong)
Trade possibly an OWL (Radio Operator Wireless/Line)
He was Tall with Dark curly hair and a thin lanky composure.
Spoke good German, acting often as translator for the other soldiers when they wanted to buy anything in the town.
May have been good at picking it up, or trained to understand German for his job?
Parents had a Wireless Sales and Repair Shop in Cornwall or Devon,
Shop and Birthplace possibly in or close to Torquay or Newquay or similar sounding town name

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Bill ( William John Rees 22370745. )
from Swansea did his training as a Teleprinter Mechanic in the 1950's in Catterick and served in Cyprus and Egypt. Canal Zone.
He is trying to trace some Scottish friends with whom he served
Ronnie Callender from LockerbieIan Mc Phail Ginger Simpson fromAberdeen

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No. 22679082 Sgmn Brian John Fry. (Nodder)

Brian John Fry

Conscripted June 1952 to 7 training regiment Catterick Camp then to Harper barracks 5 training regiment Ripon where he served until discharge in 1954. We believe he was a storemen or at least on the cadre staff as he wasn't taught to drive any vehicle.
Brian was over 6 feet tall with blond hair.
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James Bryan Wasley

Looking for information on James Bryan Wasley who served at Catterick camp during National Service mid 50's.
He was later posted toThe Royal Air Formation Signals and was later Stationed at Baden-Baden Germany

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Members 260 Signal Squadron (SAM)
Attend a Detachment Commanders Course at 13 Signal Regiment

Royal Signals 260 Signal Squadron (SAM)ll that I served with

Does anyone recognise someone in this photograph. Is this the Sgt Douglas Boxall who served in 3TR Catterick & Lincoln about 1955-1958 ?
Back Row (LR): Jack Wykes, Bill Blaikie, George Johnson, Geordie Simms, Archibald, Bill Stewart, Ken Harding, Terry Witts, Clive Potter.
Middle Row (LR): Mick Greenacre, Eddie Callaghan, Jim Brent, Dave Clapson, Stu Fowler, Jim Prior, Harry Ridley, Tony Woodward, Paul Galpin.
Front Row (L - R): Sgt Boxall, Sgt Pilkington, Lt Dobson, Capt Alfred, SSM Jones, Sgt TC Smith.
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Charles Munro. Royal Signals. Bisley 1956

Charles Munro Royal Signals Bisley 1956Charles Munro Royal Signals Bisley 1956

Charles Munro Royal Signals Bisley 1956

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.Catterick Camp 1955/56

Royal Signals 3 training Regiment  Charlie troop 1955 Catterick Camp.

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John Dye & mates

John Dye in Catterick Camp52 wireless sety

John Dye in Vimy lines catterick Camp 1956
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Mostly unknowns
Catterick/Lincoln 1956/58Rab Brown ib Royal Signals 7 Training regiment bagdad lines 1956Terry Wagstaffe in Rippon

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.John Dunn

Corporal Geer in Royal Signals 1 Training regiment catterick Camp October 1955John Dunn and Terry Welburn in Royal Signals Daliem

John Dunn service 1955 - 1957. 7TR - 1TR.- 1st Wireless regiment in Daliem (Dutch/German border)

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Royal Signals 7 Training Regiment 2 Troop Bagdad lines  1952 1954

2TP Baghdad lines Catterick 1952/54 ? .
Back row: ?, Woof, G Gratton, Alan Hacking, ?, Portsmouth,
? Flynn,?,
Peterson. Middle row (k
neeling) ?, Goldfinch, ?, Abbott, ?, Blackmore, I Abbott, ?, Acton.
Front row:
Anyone in photo is invited to contact Steve Hacking (Alan Hacking's son) on 01709 322236 or

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Royal Signals Alan Lawson


Alan Lawson Tele Mech 1950. (Reminising)
The location as I remember at 1 T.R. the Technical Maintenance Troops' teleprinter workshop which was (at that time) straight in from Camp Centre, past the education centre past the squadron office and past the NAAFI and then around to the left
The generator room was next to the workshop and across the road on the lefthand side was the radio workshop and the C.O.s office. The C.O. had a civilian assistant a Mr. Frarey I think. I can't remember the C.O.s name.
Last time I was there in 1986 most of Loos Lines had gone.


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Kenneth Coonie
The late Kenneth Coonie Royal Signals about 1956 ? A 6ft GeordiBT engineer

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Gordon Norgrove

Gordon Norgrove (Hereford) and Arthur Jones (Llandrindod Wells) Ex PO Engineer (BT) Catterick 7TR & 1TR 1955 -56

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Major Kilminster Capt De-Clive Lowe
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|Jimmy Melia
Ex L/Cpl Royal Signals 1955/7

Jimmy MeiaJimmy Melia
Played for Liverpool, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Southampton, Aldershot, Crewe Alexandra
Managed Aldershot, Crewe Alexandra, Southport, Cleveland Cobras, Brighton & Hove Albion, C.F. Os Belenenses, Stockport County
One of Liverpool's favorite sons, Jimmy Melia, is once again wearing the famed Reds of Liverpool.
One of the legends of Anfield has now assumed the role of Technical Director of Liverpool FC America Youth Soccer.
Jimmy will take an important leadership role as Liverpool FC America heads into the 2008-2009 soccer years.

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