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Brian Bud HoughtonBrian Houghton 1936 - 1994
3TR Lincoln 1956/7 (Regimental Police)

Harry Brian "Bud" Houghton (1 September 1936 – 1994), also known as Brian Houghton,
was a professional footballer who scored 79 goalsin 207 appearances in the Football League
playing for Bradford, Birmingham City, Southend United, Oxford United and Lincoln City,
playing as a centre forward. Brian was a Regimental Policeman (Cpl) in 3TR Lincoln 1956/7
and was in the same troop as Alan Hodgkinson (see below)



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John Soo 1932 - 2010 (Canada)
3TR Lincoln 1957/8.

(Radio Telegraph Instructor)
(see Lincoln link)




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1936 -2015

Alan Hodgkinson Royal SignalsAlan Hodgkinson MBE  Royal Signals

Sheffield United and England goalkeeper
Alan Hodgkinson. Ex Cpl. Royal Signals.
Regimental Policeman 3TR Ctterick & Lincoln.

Played for Worksop Town and signed for Sheffield United in 1953. From 1953 to 1971 he appeared 675 times, the first being against Clyde FC in April 1954.
Made his league debut in Division One against Newcastle United.
He won Under 23 English caps, and his first full England cap was against Scotland in 1957. There were also other caps to follow against Denmark and Eire in World cup qualifying games.

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Dennis Vail 1929 - 2009

.Sgt Dennis Vail Royal Signals

Dennis Vail Royal Signals Port Said 1956Denis Vail was born at 33 Richmond Grove, Surbiton on 16th February 1929, the eldest child of Gilbert and Bessie Vail. He died at Adelaide Road 1st April 2009, having recently celebrated his eightieth birthday.
As a boy he attended Christchurch School and Hollyfield Road School. As a young man he did not wait to be called up for National Service but joined the Royal Signals in which he served for six years attaining the rank of Sergeant. He spent time in occupied Germany and after leaving the Regular Army joined the Royal Army Reserve. Subsequently was called up to serve in the Suez Crises for 6 months in 1956.
Denis returned to civilian life and lived in Surbiton prior to marrying Betty Drake in 1955. The couple lived in Deer Park Gardens, Mitcham for some 25 years. Following in his father's footsteps he was a member of the St John Ambulance, (Wimbledon Division) in which he served during the 1960s. He had a number of jobs including working as a grocer for Sainsbury's, a manager for Home & Colonial, an insurance agent and a salesman for Brooke Bond tea. But for most of his working life he was a postman in the Streatham area. He was an active member of the Streatham Postmans Social Club, a member of the Royal British Legion and the Royal Signals Association.Denis and Betty divorced in 1983 but remained friends. Following the divorce Denis moved to Shakespeare Road in Tulse Hill. After his retirement from the Post Office he returned to Surbiton living in Moray House in Adelaide Road. His time was spend working part-time for the Corps of Commissionaires, Angling, Sea fishing and visiting his friends at Surbiton Royal British Legion. It was at the Legion Club that he made contact with many of his old school friends.Bill was known for being generous to his friends and family and to good causes. He had an interest in technology, science, mathematics, local history and nature. Denis also had a gallows sense of humour and would have thought it amusing that he died on April Fools day!

He is survived by his younger sisters Doreen and Tina and his two sons Ray and Andy.

Please contact his son Ray on 01983 524219 if you would like to talk.

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Gordon Arthur Walker. 1927 - ?

Grordon Arthur Walker Royal SignalsGrordon Arthur Walker Royal SignalsGordon Arthur Walker
These are photos' of Gordon Arthur Walker. (3rd from left in top photo) born 1927.
Gordon served in the Royal Signals from Nov 1945 to May 1948.
We have no other information except that he came from the Denton area of Manchester
and he may have served in Egypt during this time.
His Daughter is trying to find out more about her Dad and any information from anyone who may have served or known him would be much appreciated.

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Alan Dunbar

Alan Dunbar Royal SignalsAlan Dunbar (1922 - 2005) came from the Denton area of Manchester. Served in the Royal Corps of Signals 1939 - 1947
Known postings:
1943 - 11th Air Formation Signals.
1944 - N. Africa BNAF and Italy
1945 - UK 1st AFS and 119 Line Section Kings Walden.
1945 - 21st Army Group Germany. In Verden with 7th Armoured Division Signal Regiment BAOR until demob.

Allthough a lot is known regarding Alan, his Son is anxious to find out more. Also, in particular, the name of the other soldier in the photo.
If anyone has any information, please contact kvolkmann@ziggo.nl


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